In this webinar hear how to guide your FP&A organization away from data collection and compilation to providing analytics to drive decisions from subject matter expert, James Myers of FP&A Strategy Consulting.

There are two major trends impacting the FP&A function:

1. There is an increasing volume of data and;
2. There is a decreasing availability of resources and time to make sense of the data – FP&A teams are expected to do more with less resource.

Therefore we need to make data work for us and move our team from data capture to true analytics. In the Webinar we will cover the idea of “Vanity” metrics and “Actionable” metrics, this was first coined by Eric Reis in his book “Lean Startup” (2011) and how we can use “Actionable” metrics to help drive a measurable increase in shareholder value. We will also share tools and examples of practical steps to start the journey of transforming your FP&A organization into one that can provide measurable business impact.


After attending this webinar you will be able to:

  • Translate effective approaches to budgeting and financial reporting to improvements in planning and forecasting;
  • Leverage current and emerging technologies and techniques not only in the areas of budgeting and financial reporting, but also in the realms of forecasting and planning; and
  • Establish best-in-class processes that encompass financial planning, reporting, and even consolidations