Accelerating Finance Transformation

Our Purpose

FP&A Strategy’s purpose is to consistently evolve and help your organization grow smarter, by leveraging your internal talent to focus on issues that matter.  We are an organization that embraces the dynamic startup thinking and want to bring our learnings to help you transform your finance organization



We provide support through

  • Technology Solution to drive productivity
  • Design thinking to simplify and enhance processes
  • Mentoring and coaching to drive empowerment

Elevate the FP&A team with

  • Rapid iteratitive prototypes to scalable solutions
  • Strategy, Data & Business Intersection
  • Breakthrough Strategies for the Team

The speed of decisions has crossed over the light barrier. Being bogged down in manual financial processes is not just inefficient, it may be fatal

James Myers, CEO and Founder, FP&A Strategy

What We Can Help You With



  • Webinars
  • Online training
  • Group training

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  • Organic Growth Strategies
  • Design Thinking
  • Actionable Insight

Discussing data


  • Application Development
  • Power BI Expertise
  • Interactive Modelling and Dashboards

Satisfied Clients


“FP&A has proven to be quick to reach an understanding of our needs; nimble enough to shift with changing priorities, demands, and discovery of new insights; and able to deliver results that help drive our business forward. We have enjoyed working with them.”

Linda Kahler, President, Rainbow Light® Nutritional Systems

“Companies where FP&A has a strong partnership with business, delivered a 5.9% average total shareholder return (TSR) premium (across the past five years), relative to companies where FP&A has weak levels of influence.”




James Myers


James is the founder and CEO of FP&A Strategy, a thought leader in FP&A and has presented at various Finance summits.  He has also held various finance and operations leadership roles in multinationals such as Dell and Nokia and has clients such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  James holds advanced degrees in finance and accounting and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.  In his spare time he is also a Co-Program lead for the Silicon Valley Startup Leadership Program and runs the Silicon Valley Power BI User Group.

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