Accelerating Finance Transformation

Our goal is to consistently evolve and help your organization grow smarter by leveraging your internal talent to focus on issues that matter. We are an organization that embraces the dynamic startup thinking and want to bring our learning to help you transform your finance organization.

Innovative Techologies

We make use of innovative technologies to help teams combine strategy, business and data to drive actionable insights and change.

Strategic Approaches

We will provide best practice strategies for your organization to help you make the best decisions and accelerate company growth.

Experienced Team

Our highly focused team has decades of combined experience and look forward to sharing their expertise with you.

Transform Your Organization

“I started FP&A Strategy over 10 years ago to help companies accelerate their digital finance transformation. At the time, I was frustrated by the lack of solutions and available knowledge focused on finance transformation.

My hope was to help finance teams move away from the daily, monthly and quarterly repetitive grind and to elevate these FP&A professionals into becoming finance thought leaders across all aspects of the business they support. It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve had the privilege of working with great people, great clients and great partners that have taught us so much.

Our vision at FP&A Strategy is to use technology to help FP&A teams combine strategy, business and data to become high performing business partners creating insights and driving value across the organization. I see this vision continuing to be as applicable now and in the foreseeable future as it was 10 years ago, and I look forward to continuing to help FP&A teams along this transformation journey.”

James Myers

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